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A new year!!!

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September 18th, 2016 Posted 8:56 pm

Welcome back Year Six.

Another new year and your last with us at St. Paul’s so lets try and make it the best one yet.

You already know our topic this term is the Second World War as you have already been doing some research for me, which I look forward to reading. Some of you have already shared some of the amazing facts that you have discovered and I have to say that some of them were new to me.

Throughout the term you will have the opportunity to create your own books on anything that you found interesting about the war and these will be shared with the rest of the school. I can’t wait to see what amazing things you come up with.

Here is looking forward to an interesting year.

Mrs. C.

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Why do so many countries speak English?

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May 7th, 2014 Posted 12:50 pm

Hi Year Five

After an exhausting term of drama we are going to slow things down for a bit. We are going to be writing persuasive texts and looking at the story of Rama and Sita. We will be looking at India and what kind of country it is and how it has changed since they independent from the British Empire. We will also be looking at who Gandhi was and how he helped to make changes in India.

What can you tell me about Gandhi?
At the end of this term we will be putting our performance together for the Children’s Shakespeare Festival. Remember we are looking at the characterof Macbeth up to the point were he has Banquo killed. Please post any ideas tha you have for things that we can do, I need all the help I can get!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Comber


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Why do we all meed to be scientists?

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February 20th, 2013 Posted 4:41 pm

Hello year four and welcome back.

This half term we are going to be scientists looking at how our body works and how we can keep it healthy.

We will be investigating what happens to our bodies when we exercise and how our muscles and our skeleton help us to move.

We will be writing instructions about how to keep healthy and reading and writing Funnybones stories.

Try some of these websites for games to play to help you learn about your body.

Let me know something that you have learnt this term or something that you have been out and found out for yourself.


Mrs. Comber.

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Happy New Year to you all.

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January 9th, 2013 Posted 8:57 am


This term we are going to be researching all about China. We are going to be finding out where China is and what life is like there. We will also be looking at how they celebrate Chinese New Year.

We will also be looking at religion in China, who Buddha was and how Buddhists live.

Have a look on this website and see what you can find out.

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Where are the coldest places on earth?

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November 7th, 2012 Posted 5:01 pm

Hello year four. This term we are going on a journey to the coldest places on earth. We are going to be finding out about people who have travelled to the Polar Regions, what lives there and what we will need to go on our journey.

Use this website to find out about Shakletons expedition to the South Pole. Share your amazing facts with us by posting them on the blog.

What can you find out about Antartica by using this link?

Where do Polar bears live?

How do they survive in the cold weather?

What other animals live in the North and South Pole?

I hope you enjoy your journey to the coldest places on earth.

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Where would you like to go?


June 9th, 2012 Posted 8:45 pm

Hello Year Four,

This our last term together!! This term we are going to be looking at where we would most like to visit in the North West. Have a look at the map below. Tell me where you have visited and where you would like to go. Once you’ve decided where you would like to visit then you need to plan how you will get there and we can end the year with a trip to a place of your choice.


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May 11th, 2012 Posted 2:35 pm

Hello to all those who came to Robinwood. Sorry it’s taken so long to get anything on the blog but I finally got there.

It was a real pleasure to take you away for the weekend and find out new things about you. I have put a few photos on to give your families a little taster of the things that you got up to.

Mrs. Comber

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Should you keep a promise?


May 2nd, 2012 Posted 2:26 pm

Hello Year Four.

This terms topic is all about whether we should keep promises. We are going to be reading the Pied Piper and deciding whether the mayor should have kept his promise and whether the Pied Piper was right to do what he did.


What would you have done as the Mayor of Hamlin when the town was invaded by rats?

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Read my funny bones story!


March 22nd, 2012 Posted 3:01 pm

The Black Cat.

Howling winds rushed through the deserted, spooky, streets, Where Tiny skeleton dragged his ancient, sledge. Tiny trudged, cautiously, up the dangerously, slippery, slope so that he could slide happily, down the snowy, slippery, slope. Twinkling, stars reflected like shiny, magic, fairy dust on the pearly white snow as smooth as a pillow. Slowly and carefully tiny skeleton hoped on to his rickety, crooked, sledge then suddenly pushed powerfully against an icy rock.”AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!” he screamed like a baby as loud as a tantrum. He speeded towards the prickly, thorns until … CRASH! How do you think little skeleton is feeling?
Little skeleton lay in agony on the frosty, freezing, snow, where he slid into the prickly, hazardous, thorns. Attempting to climb back up until little skeleton tumbled slowly back to the ground. What has happened? Peering down slowly and suddenly notices he is missing a pearly, white, leg. A white bone in smooth, soft, snow is extremely difficult to find! Again he is determined to get up, but this time he flopped back down onto his pearly white face. CRUNCH! CRUNCH! CRUCH! He could hear the sound of footsteps. “What was that?” whimpered little skeleton worriedly. CRUNCH! CRUNCH! CRUNCH! The footsteps got a lot nearer to Little skeleton.
Meanwhile, Big skeleton trudged sadly through the crunchy, pearly snow. Big skeleton searched for hours looking for his best friend. Where could he possibly be?”Where are you little skeleton I’m not joking?” whispered big skeleton loudly and miserably. Suddenly he could hear a shattering noise in the distance. Surly its little skeleton it just has to be, rushing towards the loud noise, Big skeleton calls out “Little skeleton is that be you?”
“Yes, please could you possibly come and help me?” wailed little skeleton. “What have you done here?” asked big skeleton.”
“I went down the slope and crashed into the prickly thorns.” replied tiny skeleton
“And?” asked big skeleton.
“I lost my leg.” Replied little skeleton
“HAHAHAHA!” Big skeleton laughed as loud as a T. Rex
“What’s so funny?”Little skeleton laughed.
A short amount of nights later on the same slope , under the same shiny, twinkling, stars Big skeleton as well as Little skeleton are sliding down the ancient sledge CRASH!… “Where is dog?” asked big skeleton in shock.
“How should I know, a pearly white dog in snow is extremely impossible to find.” Replied little skeleton.
“WOOF.” Yelped dog.
Finally we have found dog” sighed Big skeleton in relief. But dog was there for two seconds and then chased after a pitch black cat. He chased the cat up and down the icy, icy, slope, in and out of the spooky, spooky, bone yard round and round the freaky, freaky, street then down and down into the pitch black cellar
“Where’s cat?”Asked big skeleton
“I don’t know? Why don’t we just go to bed” asked big skeleton.
“Good idea little skeleton.” Replied big skeleton. So the happily went to bed.
Meanwhile… In the exact same town, under the same gleaming, stars as shiny as crystals, down the same unsteady hill, on the same crooked sledge… There sat a cat which was … evil.

By Ewan Wilson

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Read me please !!


March 22nd, 2012 Posted 3:01 pm

The Black Cat
Howling winds flying through the lonely town, there was only 1 person a teeny skeleton. He had a fragile green sledge unsteadily he struggled up the hazardous pearly hill. The skeleton went on the broken sledge it was breaking a teeny bit .Suddenly … uncontrollably “HHHEEELLLPPP ME!” He screamed as loud as a car beeping he was speeding towards the… The massive acorn tree! BANG…
Teeny skeleton sat down in pain, cold to death, where he crashed into the massive acorn tree. Attempting but unable to get back up he didn’t know why he couldn’t get up. He looked at his leg he looked up straight away and he couldn’t believe his eyes he lost a leg. BANG! He stumbled back on his face.” OWW! How am I going to get back home?” Whispered to himself.
Meanwhile, stomping through the deep thick snow Big skeleton searched for his cousin. Where would he be? “Tell me where you are I’m frightened.” Whispered big skeleton quietly. He could hear loud crying coming in front of him I think it is little skeleton.”Is that you little skeleton?” said big skeleton “Yes! Can you help me I’ve lost my leg?” wailed little skeleton lets go to the bone yard to find you a shiny new leg. He carefully put little skeleton on his shoulders and took him to the bone yard. At the bone yard there were mountains of bones everywhere.
One day later on the same hazardous slope, under a starry sky. Massive skeleton and teeny skeleton slid down the dangerous slope on their fragile sledge .CRASH! … “Do you know where dog is?” asked big skeleton “no! But a white dog in snow is hard to find.” Replied little skeleton.” Woof!” barked dog.” There you are” sighed big skeleton in relief in a blink of an eye the dog was gone. The dog chased the cat up and down the gloomy hill, in and out the pitch black bone yard and down down into the pitch black cellar.” Can you see her” whispered little skeleton
“No” Replied big skeleton. “Let’s go home to bed zzz.”
Meanwhile… In the same spooky town, under the same sky with stars that were gleaming like a new light, down the same icy slippery slope, on the same fragile sledge… There was a cat as black as trainer’s, which was as fast as a cheetah.


 BY Declan B

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